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SAND Network Systems, Inc is located in California, and is responsible for world wide distribution of SandNet and SandBoxes.


Preliminary description and prices

SandNet is now available as Demo !

--> Resources on your local computer Resources on other computers in the network Resources on another computer named YNGVE-XP-PROFES Ordinary MIDI ports, and UMX4/2 and Wyg'it MIDI ports Various USB, ISA and  PCMCIA DMX adapters, including SandBoxes UMX4/ 2 Built in DMX recorder Built in simple DMX value manupilation Connection to various Sound and Video players on the computer Direct communication with various PC based light control systems Sandy the Handy Networked license management for Compulite Compy remote controls Sofisticated connection to AVAB Safari light control systems Sofisticated connection to AVAB Pronto! light control systems You will see what this is at PLASA 2003 SandNet is reading DMX data from Vision 2000 SandNet is detecting PC based and real GrandMA consoles! (And even reading DMX data from version 3) SandNet is detecting and reading DMX data from Compulite consoles. SandNet can also display the console screen and remotecontrol the consoles. SandNet is reading ETC Net2 protocol The ethernet SandBoxes will soon be present at most theatres near you! They are sort of "SandNet in a Box" SandNet is reading Pathport DMX data! SandNet is reading ShowNet DMX data! SandNet is reading and transmitting Art-Net DMX data!

Check it out  full screen with Transtechnik Show Designer

Download the latest version of SandNet

Multi ethernet protocol "DMX On Demand"

Ethernet with PoE,  or 9-48V DC external supply

4 DMX ports, all can be configured as IN or OUT

MIDI and USB connectors

Contact yngve@sandboe.no for further information..